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In these special times we know that there's many of you who want to eat your restaurant food at home. That's why we start offering both lunch and dinner as take away! You're of course also welcome to sit and eat in our Gastropub. You're also of course welcome to buy with you our folköl Silver Lining! 


We offer lunch from Tuesday to Saturday 11-14 and dinner from 14-19.  Between 11-14 we offer a special lunch meny that changes every week. 

The easisest way to buy take away is to come by the brewery and order or to push the button below and order directly and pick up the food when it's done.


Stew of the week 
Beef chilli stew with leek & roasted pumpkin 135kr

Swedish "husman"
Baltic herring in mustard with potato purée, lingon berries & pickled cucumber 135kr

This weeks vego option
Chickpeas, lentils and butter baked cauliflour with a spicy tomato sauce 135kr

Ncb:s cheeseburger (150 gram prime rib and tallow) on brioche with mojo rojo dressing, cheddar cheese, piemento de padrón, roasted silver onions & fries  160kr

Ncb:s veggie burger filled spinach and Västerbotten cheese, on brioche, with tarragon cream, pickled red onions & iceberg lettuce. Served with fries & an avocado dip. 160kr


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