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Since 2014-03-10
A place to discover and experience beer culture

An old lightbulb factory, four brewers and alot of craft enthusiast across half the world. That's how our history started, and its still going strong.  

It started as a crazy idea with a brewery in the middle of the city (we almost ended up there..) and ended up with a brewery in a cramp building in hammarby Sjöstad. Since the 10th of February 2014 we have created masgic in the old Lightbulb Factory of Luma. We have laughed and cried together over amazing brews, mistakes and fantastic events we hosted during the years.  

During the years we've been up and running we brewed over 150 different kinds of beer. Some of the have been oneoffs and some have we brewed since the start and still brew today (Kellerbier ❤️). We have brewed beer on old bread, recycled sewage water and alot, alot, alot of Witbier (?). 


“Nya Carnegie­bryggeriet is a dream come true"

Lilac beer in the making.
4th of July celebration at the brewery

On tap in the bar you’ll find a mix of our year-round and specialty/seasonal beers.

To stay informed on new beer releases, events and the latest news on what’s happening at the brewery and restaurant follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

We’ve already hosted several brewer’s technical conference and are planning a variety of classes, talks and brewery tours dedicated to the advancement of the new brewing culture we’re so proud to be a part of.

It's in our DNA to serve you delicious beer, serve good food and create an amazing vibe. 

Welcome to visit us at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. We love beer. 

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